I Have A (Candy) Crush On You.

220px-Candy_CrushOK. I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to the game of Candy Crush Saga. You can download it, for free, by clicking here. Although the game may be advertised as ‘free’ be careful. It’s quick to get caught up in the madness and start paying .99 a clip to keep on playing. Eventually, you’d get a time out during a level, sometimes as long as 25 minutes. If you want to continue, that’ll cost you. It’s as easy as clicking ‘Play’ and then racking up the expenses on your charge card.

Don’t do it. Wait out the 20 minutes or so (I play Solitaire while I wait) and then get right back in to the game, for free.

The game is simple enough, thus highly addictable. All you have to do is match three pieces of the same candy, follow the directions and move up to the next level. I did get a little confused when it said ‘Match the Jelly’. I incorrectly thought the instructions were referring to the red jelly beans. Instead, it was a crystal clear, square jelly form it was referring to. Live and learn. And continue playing.

For more information about Candy Crush, click here. There are also cheat sheets that tell you how to beat the system, get more lives and continue to play for free. I prefer to just bide my time and play Candy Crush the old fashioned way: cheaply and with patience. But for those who like a quick ride out, here’s a stack of cheat sheets you can read, click here.

Have fun.

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4 thoughts on “I Have A (Candy) Crush On You.

    • Wow, Sharon. A whole day? I do it in drips and drabs. Like when hubby is watching those obnoxious car shows. I pass the time matching candy pieces.

      Up to level 28. Now, however when my iPad asks for a time out, I pick up the game on my iPhone and just keep right on playing.

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