Affluenza: Now The Rich Can Legally Kill You.

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A drunken sixteen year old rich kid, Ethan Couch, killed four people while driving intoxicated. At his trial, his rich parents attorney came up with this: To the defense (Texas lawyer Scott Brown), the youth is himself a victim — of “affluenza,” according to one psychologist — the product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for the boy.

The judge in this case, soon-to-be-retired Judge Jean Boyd (who in my opinion must have been paid off by the rich kids parents) sentenced Couch to 10 years’ probation but no jail time. The judge stated Couch “is a defendant in need of treatment. Not jail time”.

Eric Boyles, who lost his wife and daughter, in Ethan Couch’s drunken killing spree, said “There are absolutely no consequences for what occurred that day.” According to this CNN report: Boyles wife, Hollie, and daughter, Shelby, left their home to help Breanna Mitchell, whose SUV had broken down. Brian Jennings, a youth pastor, was driving past and also stopped to help. All four were killed when the drunken (who 3 hours prior had stolen beer from a Wal Mart) teen’s pickup plowed into the pedestrians on a road in Burleson, south of Fort Worth.

Is it any wonder why the rich in this country are so hated and despised? I used to defend taking from the rich to give to the poor (income distribution) but after hearing the verdict in this case, I no longer feel that way. Income inequality in this country has reached a disturbing level. When the rich can now kill people and use their wealth as an excuse, America has reached an all time low point.

This case is more proof positive that the rich (the 1%) do literally get away with murder simply because they have more money than you or I (the 99%). The rich can legally buy a trial, a better conniving defense attorney, a liberal-ass judge and a verdict. If the progressives in this country want to tax and bleed the 1% rich, then by all means, do it! The rich deserve to be taxed to kingdom come and separated from their money in any way possible.

According to this NY Times article regarding our current economic recovery: High stock prices, rising home values and surging corporate profits have buoyed the recovery-era incomes of the most affluent Americans, with the incomes of the rest still weighed down by high unemployment and stagnant wages for many blue- and white-collar workers.

When the rich can kill us, then turn around and use their wealth as part of their reason and justification for doing so, our society and legal justice system is seriously out of whack. If we, the 99% can only get social justice by taxing the rich and forcing them to pay our way, then let’s do it. I support wealth distribution 100%. If the rich want to move away or relocate to another country so as not to pay their taxes, I say ‘good bye’ and ‘good riddance’. At least then, if we stop on the side of the road to help a stranded motorist, we won’t be living in fear that some rich kid, high on stolen beer, will ram their $50,000 pick up truck over us and end our poor, pathetic (to the rich) lives.

And so the beat goes on.




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2 thoughts on “Affluenza: Now The Rich Can Legally Kill You.

  1. We were talking about this last night. My son suggested that the parents should be arrested since in the end they are responsible for the actions of this “child”. Where is the moral compass of these parents? Or the Judge? It makes me feel sick. Not that my children are perfect but I have at least raised them to not endanger others. I have picked them up from parties where they have had to much to drink and have picked their car up(and taken their keys away) they next day.

    My only hope is that the families of those who were killed sue the hell out of the parents. But then again that does not bring their families back to life It’s not like when his probation is over then suddenly those he killed get to come back to life. If this was my child they would be in jail because I couldn’t afford a dream team lawyer or a judge not to mention a 50,000.00 car! There have always been two sets of laws; those for the rich and connected and the ones the for the rest of us. Look at the rape/murder of Martha Moxley by Michael Skakel(a Kennedy cousin). Bad enough it took 20 plus years for him to be arrested he is now out of jail pending retrial because his first lawyer “did not adequately represent him! Now I know there are plenty of “rich” families who raise good children, give to others and work hard but it is things like this that make them all look bad.

    The whole story makes me feel ill.

    • Lawsuits against the parents have already been filed by the surviving family members. But we all know the rich will have insurance and they have enough millions to settle. So what? They should all go to jail, including the judge, and rot there!
      The rich are abusive. They know politicians are after them and should lay low. Do they? No, they flaunt. This rich kid, Couch, even stole beer from a Wal Mart. Abusive? You betcha!

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