Attention AT&T Customers: You’re Going To Save Money.

I just got a card in the mail from my smartphone carrier, AT&T, informing me that they have come out with new money saving, non-contracts. In order for AT&T to compete with all those other non-contract subscribers who do month-to-month cell phone usage, AT&T has decided to match those prices rather than lose customers.

I looked over all the offers and did a quick review of my own bill. DH and I share a mobile plan with AT&T with unlimited talk and text plus we have a mobile hot spot when we can’t find a wireless connection. This costs us $150 a month. I also noted on our billing that we’re paying for 1GB of data sharing but rarely, if ever, go above 179MB between the two of us. (1000MB = 1GB).

A quick, pleasant phone call to AT&T customer service got our bill (retroactively) reduced from $150 a month to only $85! We’re on the new shared mobile value plan with unlimited talk and text, mobile hot spot with 300MB shared data with no-annual-contract confinement. That’s a monthly savings of $65 and/or an annual savings of $780!  SWEET!

If you are not an AT&T wireless customer, you can still make the switch. Prices start at $45 a month. Check it out at  Please note that AT&T is not paying me for this endorsement. It’s just a post on what my morning experience has been. Obviously, it was a fruitful one because I’ll be saving money in 2014. And that’s what it’s all about: living well, at the same or lower price point, despite rising costs.

Good luck.

Stay frugal.

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